About us

European Innovation Centre (EInC) was established in year 1996. It is a non-profit vocational training institution, seeking to support social welfare and sustainable development, through initiation and implementation of social innovations.

Youth (NEETs, low-skilled, early school leavers) as well as adults (unemployed, disabled, single parents, people in remote areas, migrants, women survivors of domestic violence) are the main target groups that EInC seeks to help since the day of its establishment by offering them the competence training courses aimed at improvement of their skills and employability by showing them the paths from social exclusion to social inclusion.

The EInC has many years’ experience in developing training programs and organizing various training events: seminars, workshops, study visits, conferences and other educational and dissemination activities at national and international levels. Since its establishing with the group of people with the ICT background, the EInC pays a lot of attention to implement within its training activity e-learning and reversed training methodology based on innovation ICT-tools and Open Educational Recourses. Recently, EInC has started to implement within its training programs the innovative educational applications for mobile devices (APPs) for different target groups – pupils, the low skilled adults.

EInC aims to implement the digital educational culture using innovative pedagogy comprising the ICT, e-learning, blended learning.   The trainings offered by EInC comprise tailored training materials containing open educational resources on the key competences and the soft skills.

Recently, EInC started to implement  innovative digital era Mobile Apps approach using problem-oriented experiential learning with reflections, for the development of key competences, particularly mathematics and science, for different target groups. Using these innovations allow EInC to organise trainings the basis of the reversed training methodology making learning process more accessible, engaging and easier.

The main EInC’s training activities at local level:

  • Training in computer skills and Internet using e-learning and mobile learning
  • Trainings in active citizenship and self-esteem increase
  • Training on soft skills development to increase employability
  • Training on gender equality issues
  • Accountancy courses
  • Trainings on social entrepreneurship and sustainable development
  • Trainings in social care and health

EInC has experienced staff with high-level ICT skills, which has participated in various European projects (Socrates Grundtvig, PHARE Lien, PHARE Democracy, EQUAL, ESF, ERASMUS+). During these projects, EInC has gained a vast experience in developing and implementing different educational methods of work with target groups, such as organizing e-learning courses, dialogic groups, implementing social pair and group mentoring, creating club “Help yourself”, providing various competence trainings, evaluating quality of projects’ management and projects’ outcomes etc. The number of paid staff varied from 4 to 6, and the number of unpaid staff, working on the voluntary basis to organise different clubs activities are from 2 to 4. EInC staff mostly consists of the employees having Master degree in Applied Mathematics and ICT, thus it and has a vast experience in developing ICT-based training programs.

European Innovation Centre is a member of Lithuanian Women’s Lobby association which unites more than 30 women’s NGOs and are member of European Women’s Lobby.