“Creative Talent Factory” (CTF), 2020-2022

Funding agency: EC Erasmus+ programme, KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

Project No: 2020-1-LT01-KA204-077959.

The main coordinator: European Innovation Centre (EiNC), Lithuania.

Participating countries: Lithuania (EINC), Portugal (StoryTellMe), Serbia (BDCK), Slovenia (PIA), Italy (CESIE) and Greece (IDEC).

Project description:

The Erasmus+ project, Creative Talent Factory (CTF) aims to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship in the creative sector. Six partners from Lithuania (EINC), Portugal (StoryTellMe), Serbia (BDCK), Slovenia (PIA), Italy (CESIE) and Greece (IDEC) are working together to achieve the CTF project’s objectives:

  • to provide digital learning opportunities for adults, including those from disadvantaged background, empowering them towards access to upskilling pathways for creative entrepreneurship;
  • to assess and monitor learners’ achievements in order to ensure the transparency and recognition of their creative entrepreneurial competences and skills;
  • to provide an innovative easy-to-learn pathway for upskilling their creative entrepreneurial competences and skills needed to set up or improve a creative business;
  • to extend and develop educators’ competences needed for effective running the training of adult learners to become successful creative entrepreneurs.

The components of the creative sector in which the CTF project is focusing on: visual and performing arts, craftsmanship, art and antiques, fashion, music and dance.

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