GBS: Empowering Senior citizens’ self-employment in Green Business, 2023-2025

Funding agency: EC Erasmus+ programme, KA2 - Cooperation partnerships in adult education.

Project No: 2023-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000160416.

The main coordinator: European Innovation Centre (EiNC), Lithuania.

Participating countries: Lithuania (EINC), Portugal (StoryTellMe), Germany (BLINC), Italy (CESIE) and Netherlands (Inova Aspire).

Project description:

The general aim of the GBS project is to empower senior learners to be successful green entrepreneurs. To achieve this goal, the GBS project has defined four objectives:

  • to motivate Senior citizens for self-employment in the Green Business to improve their socio-economic inclusion and wellbeing
  • to create flexible digitally-reinforced mentoring learning pathway to develop Seniors’ knowledge and skills to start Green Business as a part of their entrepreneurial competence
  • to ensure recognition of obtained by learners knowledge and skills by developing digital assessment tool
  • to enhance the capacity of adult educators to effectively facilitate the e-Studio.

The project partners are going to deliver the following main results:

  • Set of OERs to motivate seniors,
  • Educational digital toolkit to support digitally- reinforced mentoring sessions with 4 SOLCs (Short Online Learning Courses) to support digitally-reinforced mentoring to develop senior learners' competences in 4 Green Business-related topics,
  • Pedagogical implementation e-Toolkit for adult educators.

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