Better job than a dole

European innovation centre, Kaunas, Lithuania

Jurbarkas Women's Employment and Information Center, Jurbarkas, Lithuania
IĮ "Lanmeta", Jurbarkas, Lithuania
JSC "Merkevičius ir Partneriai", Kaunas, Lithuania
„PAS AGOTĄ“, shop of the company of B. Gardauskienė, Jurbarkas, Lithuania

The main aim of the project „Better job than a dole“ is to help solve the problems of women, after longer period returning to the labour market (unemployed for more than 2 years), single mothers, long term unemployed women and women receiving social benefits. Members of these target groups are at the risk of social exclusion because of long term unemployment and because they:

  1. Are afraid to loose social benefits,
  2. Lack the skills of successful job search,
  3. Lack the competences and knowledge needed for the job they want.

During the project complex services of social and professional rehabilitation will be provided for the members of the target groups. There will be three groups of participants during the lifetime of the project as it is divided in three stages of eight months each and every group of 16 participants will receive equal complex services.

The complex services in the project will consist of three different groups of services: first group of services consist of social individual mentoring (individual social rehabilitation of participants), second group is dedicated to group social rehabilitation of participants and third group is oriented to the professional rehabilitation of participants.

All these complex activities will help in seeking for the main goal of the project – after providing the participants of the project by knowledge and skills needed for restoration and improvement of their capacity to work, to reintegrate them into the labour market.